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Bruised in Bruges

18-C Belgian Strong Ale - Belgian Tripel

Min OG: 1.075 Max OG: 1.085   
Min IBU: 20 Max IBU: 40   
Min Clr: 4.5 Max Clr: 7 Color in SRM, Lovibond

Recipe Specifics
Batch Size (Gal): 5.50
Total Grain (Lbs): 18.25
Anticipated OG: 1.084
Anticipated SRM: 5.2
Anticipated IBU: 36.8
Brewhouse Efficiency: 67%
Wort Boil Time: 60 min

% Amount Name Origin Potential SRM
93.5 18.0 lbs. Pilsner Malt BEL 1.037 2
1.3 .25 lbs. Aromatic Malt BEL 1.037 19
5.2 1.00 lbs. Candi Sugar (clear) USA 1.046 0

Amount Name Form Alpha IBU Boil Time
1.00 oz. Hallertau Northern Brewer Pellet 8.7 33.7 60 min
1.00 oz. Spalter Spalt Pellet 3.0 1.9 20 min
1.00 oz. Spalter Spalt Pellet 3.0 1.2 10 min

Amount Name Type Time
0.10 Oz Irish Moss Fining 10 Min.(boil)

Wyeast 3789 Trappist Blend> - A unique blend of Belgian Saccharomyces and Brettanomyces for emulating Trappist-style beer from the Florenville region in Belgium. Phenolics, mild fruitiness, and complex spicy notes develop with increased fermentation temperatures. Subdued but classic Brett character.

Flocculation: Variable
Attenuation: 80%
Temperature Range: 65-85°F (18-30°C)
Alcohol Tolerance: 11% ABV

A Belgian style Tripel - complex with moderate to significant spiciness, moderate fruity esters and low alcohol and hop aromas. Generous spicy, peppery, sometimes clove-like phenols. Esters are often reminiscent of citrus fruits such as oranges, but may sometimes have a slight banana character. A low yet distinctive spicy, floral, sometimes perfumy hop character is usually found. Alcohols are soft, spicy and low in intensity.


The Brewers

Brewing Date:  7/15/2009
Head Brewer:   Kevin Cotter
Asst Brewer:    Séamus Cotter
Recipe:            Bruised in Bruges


Tasting Notes

There isn't enough of the spiciness or fruity esters expected in a Tripel. This could be corrected with a brewbelt to raise my fermentation temperatures.

One taster commented on his first impression - toothpaste. This is from using my hard water without diluting it with RO.
Carbonation in the bottle was a little lower than desired.