Some of these recipes are a historical references of a great day of brewing with friends.

To me, brewing is a social event, and turning a day brewing into an event is better than just brewing. When I end up with a story to tell and a keg of beer brewing is just that much better.

Floating Natalie - Wood Aged Barleywine - Individually brewed and fermented, group aged in a Jack Daniels Barrel for several months.

An Inconvenient Beer - An environmentally friendly beer brewed on 7/7/7 during Live Earth. Brewing beer for mother Earth while celebrities fly jets to a concert.

Cheap Ass Ale - Made from cheap ass ingredients. How cheap can you get and still make a drinkable beer.

Spent Grain Dog Treats - For your dog!!!

A few of my recipes:

Seamus Mild v1, v2, v3 - An excellent session beer
Golden Shower Maibock - A crisp golden Maibock
Bruised in Bruges - A Belgian style Trippel
Dubble Entendré - A Belgian style Dubble
Domestic Abuse Pilsener - Classic American Pilsner
Morning Wood Kölsch - It'll make you a little stiff
Migrant Worker Pale Ale - Fresh hopped beer
Grape Ape Barleywine - (needs a better name)
Clandestine Alt - Bigger and better
Oktoberfest in Hell - If only they got beer in Hell!
Chlamydia Wheat - Too much and you'll go blind
Conundrum Cream Ale - This beer was a total loss...