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New Windmill - the hops started to grow late this spring, It was a long cold spring (eat that Al Gore, my inconvenient hops still survive). The old windmill has been dismembered and disposed of, like an old Soviet warhead. I felt a strong and deep need to buy a new & improved windmill for the hops. Sounds like a trip to Fleet Farm (aka The Men's Mall). I picked out a windmill with John Deere colors, and it looks really cool in the yard, especially with my neighbor restoring old tractors!

I choose a taller (12 foot) windmill this time. I "trained" 4 bines up this year, compared to about 23 that I just let grow last year. I think 3 or 4 per rooting is supposed to be optimal, you'll have a less bushy plant, but it will yeild more hops cones.

When I setup the new taller John Deere windmill I also put down a new larger rubberized mulch mat. I’m finding hops shoots have made their way under the new mat and are sprouting up to three feet away from original planting. Perhaps next spring I’ll have to dig some of the roots up and offer rhizomes to some of the club members.

Perhaps I'll have enough hops to brew another wet-hopped beer this fall!