Brewery Build continued...

As things started to cool in late November my neighbor had a bunch of antique tractor parts that needed sandblasting. He wanted some help with blasting, and thought we could blasting off all the burnt crud and rust from the previous brewing season. I had to pull the burners off. It was a solid half-day of hard work.

I choose a high temperature engine enamel paint from POR-15. This gaudy orange is the color Chevy used on engines for decades. I've heard this paint will dry hard as a rock after proper curing. After reading the can, Jack said I should get a special zink phosphate spray to prep the metal. The spray will etch the metal for proper adhesion and help the paint bond to the metal even better.

The bolts had rusted a bunch, so I headed out to the local hardware store and replaced all the bolts with stainless bolts and washers. I bought a wire brush last time I was at Fleet Farm, and I plan to scrub down the burners and spray some fresh high temp silver paint on them just to freshen them up while they are out.