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I humbly summarize a few important points from several great brewers on how to brew better.

  1. Make brewing your Passion, have family support!
  2. Use only the finest and freshest ingredients.
  3. Become an expert with YOUR brew system, brew consistently with it, practice.
  4. Know your ingredients (know how base malts, specialty grains, hops, water profile and yeast affect your final beverage).
  5. Research the style before brewing. It's hard to hit a style if you don't know what you are brewing. Learn recipes, style descriptions, mashing procedure, water chemistry, yeast usage, fermentation temperatures, and history of the style. Formulate a recipe and make changes in future batches until you nail the style.
  6. Learn who the best judges and competition winners are and seek their guidance. Respond to good critique and learn from it.
  7. Give back to the hobby in any way you can. Become a club member, volunteer to help competitions and functions, enter competitions, provide advice and anything else you can think of. Keep the hobby strong.
The Creekwood Aquifer
Calcium   [Ca] 101 
 Magnesium [Mg]   40
Sodium  [Na]   18
 Sulfate [SO4]   10
Chloride  [Cl]   37
Bicarbonate  [HCO3]   427