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Global Warming

Global Warming

Energy reaches the surface of the earth from the following sources
  • Heat from the core of the earth
  • Heat released from chemical reactions (burning coal)
  • Heat released from nuclear reactions (bombs, nuclear plants)
  • Radiation from the sun not reflected from the clouds

Energy leaves the earth through radiation into space, which is also blocked by cloud cover.

If we could darken the sun, within about 72 hours the earth would become one big rock of dead ice, wavelength holding gasses or not. It's the sun, bub. Go sit under a maple tree on a 90 degree day and think about it.

Maybe we should be on the side of caution with global warming? If the scientists are wrong then better world less pollution. Less pollution is fine, I doubt that many would argue with that. Where I take exception is the defining of CO2 as pollution.

All speculation and no science to back it up. The major heat up in the 1600's certainly wasn't caused by all the factories and SUV's.... and cow farts... and lawnmowers...

    The official record of temperatures in the continental United States comes from a network of 1,221 climate-monitoring stations overseen by the National Weather Service, a department of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Until now, no one had ever conducted a comprehensive review of the quality of the measurement environment of those stations.
  • Stations located next to the exhaust fans of air conditioning units, surrounded by asphalt parking lots and roads, on blistering-hot rooftops, and near sidewalks and buildings that absorb and radiate heat.
  • 68 stations located at wastewater treatment plants, where the process of waste digestion causes temperatures to be higher than in surrounding areas.
  • 89 percent of the stations – nearly 9 of every 10 – fail to meet the National Weather Service’s own siting requirements that stations must be 30 meters (about 100 feet) or more away from an artificial heating or radiating/reflecting heat source.

In other words, 9 of every 10 stations are likely reporting higher or rising temperatures because they are badly sited.
- Anthony Watts

Facts (at least according to Wikipedia):

  • -CO2 in fresh air is 360-390 PPM
  • -People can feel drowsy at 10,000 PPM (or 1% in air).
  • -People can suffocate at 70,000-100,000 PPM (7-10% in air).
  • -In a building 2500 PPM is okay for people.
  • -In submarines sailors can adapt to 20,000 PPM (2%) with no problems.

    These are facts, but when some claim that atmospheric levels rising to say 450 PPM will be ‘catastrophic to the planet’……….then that is just OPINION!