Brewing Green

Why Homebrewed Beer Is Green, Why brewing your own beer can help save the world

I have seen a few threads about making home brewing "green." Let me preface this whole page with the fact that I do NOT believe in man-made global warming, and that it's just a bunch of hyperbole and politics created by Overzealous EnvironMENTALists. I DON'T believe the Earth is fragile, I DO believe we shouldn't waste precious resources.

I have been trying to implement a new energy or resource saving item each time I brew. Some of the following are mine, others are collected. Not all of them can be implemented by any one brewer. I do suggest you to do what you can...

  • Living in a rural township has a few privileges – lower taxes and my very own private well water. My well water varies between 42 and 52 degrees from the tap/hose year round! It was taking me longer than average to heat my water since I moved to the township, because my starting temp was much cooler. Last summer I started gathering my water the night before brewing, and allowing it to  sit overnight and allow it to reach ambient temperatures, saving propane the next day.
  • A friend in Minnesota has his brewery in the basement, and he runs his chilling water straight to the washing machine after it cycles through his heat-exchanger.  All that waste heat, can now be used to wash laundry, saving the energy that would otherwise be nessessary to heat that water.
  • In Arizona a friend cycles his pool water through his heat-exchanger and dumps it back in the pool. He has net-zero waste water for chilling, and heats the pool while chilling his wort.
  • This summer, my newest use for spent grains, will be to feed my chickens. In the past I have spread my spent grain on the garden for compost and made dog biscuits from spent grain. Others have fed it to the deer in their neighborhood. There’s no reason for spent grain to ever end up in landfills!
  • Brewing allows you to reuse beer bottles over and over, or reclaim and reuse old unwanted corny kegs.
  • Growing hops saves a bunch of fuel and energy, as it needs to transpiration to reach your house, rather than when it needs to be shipped across the country from Oregon.
  • Check back soon, when I start selling Carbon Credits