My Brewing History

Rochester, Minnesota - around 1992 Kevin started drinking craft beers. Soon, after drinking many of the excellent craft beers, he yearned to brew. While typing this story, I noticed, his socks have caught fire (but that's a different story).

For Kevin it all started at the Pine Cheese Mart in Pine Island, MN. Wally the proprietor had everything needed to start brewing crappy beer at home. Kevin bought the whole kit and lugged it back to his apartment in Rochester. After the first two batches of pre-hopped canned extract and corn sugar Kevin gave up on making infected crappy beer.

Two years later another homebrew shop opened up in Rochester, behind the old K-Mart. That proprietor challenged Kevin to use malt extract that wasn’t in a can, malted barley grains, hops pellets, and liquid yeast from a little company called Wyeast. Low and behold Kevin could actually brew a drinkable beer.

With a roommate who liked to help bottle and drink, Kevin could brew every week. Working at a local Rochester hotel Kevin got a bartender to save all the Grolsch bottles. After a few months Kevin had so many green Grolsch bottles he started to trade them for credit at the local homebrew shop (LHBS). This lasted a couple years until other things got in the way of brewing.


With a few false starts during the following decade there was very little brewing going on. Later, living in the remote northern areas of Arizona on an Apache Indian Reservation Kevin talked to his old friend KalenBorg and that got him started brewing again. It was like a madhouse there, lots of arguing, fisticuffs, entrenchment in forbidden drama, and all that crazy stuff. But, brewing kept Kevin somewhat sane!

Kevin bought all his ingredients at the Homebrew Depot, and joined both the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) and the Arizona Society of Homebrewers (ASH). With the collective knowledge and encouragement Kevin’s brewing got to a new level. A few contests were entered, and medals were won.

June of 2003 Kevin attended the National Homebrewers Conference and the National Homebrew Competition in Las Vegas. Here is where Kevin met members of the Saint Paul Homebrewers Club (SPHBC). Shortly after Kevin joined the club while still living in Northern Arizona, because he knew he would soon move to Minnesota.

During the middle of the summer in 2005 Kevin moved back to his Midwest roots in Minnesota, and made a clean break from extract brewing, advancing to all-grain mashing. Kevin started slowly gathering parts to build an awesome brewing system. In his spare time Kevin works on a zebra farm. Kevin recently started a new homebrew club - F.U.C.K.E.R.S.