Google Sites

Why you should use Google Sites for Next Years NHC

Google Sites is FREE 100MB
Google gives free 100MB accounts for every site - Free. Other free sites give you somewhere between 2 and 10 MB. If you need more Google Apps accounts are cheep and start at 10GB. If you need more than 100MB for an NHC conference - you did something wrong.
Google's Uptime
99.991% uptime, which equated to a downtime of 48 minutes in one year. That’s how I roll.
Google's Bandwidth
Compare Google to all those club and competition sites that run on a members home computer, or within their free ISP area. Google has lots of Tubes.
WYSIWYG Editing + Templates
Sure, every club has a few professional web developers that know all the new acronyms. Google sites is simple so you can throw up a new page within a minute or two with Templates.
Total Simplified Integration with Google Analytics, Google Docs, Adsense, Google Webmaster Tools
I spend my time on content, not making sure I had the exact code, or waiting for page verifications. Of course with only one small add at the bottom of the page, I doubt I ever made back the $9 I spent on the domain.
Allows for personalized domain names