Want to Host the NHC

You Want to Host the NHC?

Planning for the 2010 National Homebrewers Conference in Minnesota is well on its way. And the decision has been made for host city for 2011. Development of several potential bids for sites in 2012 has already begun.

Historically, the AHA has tried to spread the wealth by moving the conferences around the country so that as many members as possible have an opportunity to attend one close to home. In the last seven years we have held conferences in Chicago (2003), Las Vegas (2004), Baltimore (2005), Orlando (2006), Denver (2007), Cincinnati (2008), and Oakland (2009). So, how can you get this conference to come to your fair city? You need to let us know and develop a bid!

There are several key elements to submitting a bid to the AHA for Consideration:
  • First and foremost is finding a hotel/conference facility that has enough guest rooms and conference space, an airport reasonably close by, in an area with a supportive homebrew and craft beer culture. One great resource to tap into is your local Convention and Visitors Bureau, as they can help find a suitable hotel at a reasonable rate.
  • Over 50% of attendees at each conference drive to these events, so it has to be within driving distance for a significant number of AHA members.
  • Next, there has to be a dedicated group of homebrewers who can get behind, commit and support the myriad of activities that make these events rock.
  • Some of these activities include Club Night, Pro-Brewers Night, competition coordinators, cellar masters, speaker coordinator, commemorative beverage coordinator and several other duties as well. The volunteer work effort works best when it is a collaborative effort spread over several local/regional homebrewers/homebrew clubs, and ultimately needs several dozen volunteers.
  • The AHA and the Governing Committees, and the local hosting clubs have created a living planning document that goes into far greater detail regarding these and other considerations. Additionally, we can hook you up with other homebrewers who have spearheaded past Conferences to get more insights and ideas of what is involved.

The purpose of this email is to get members thinking if they would like to see a conference in their neck of the woods. Historically, the next year's conference is announced at the current conference. And a lot has to get done before this can be announced, so it really takes around 18 months or so. What would be great is if we could have a schedule developed 2 and 3 years out. This would give the volunteers additional time to develop themes, consider speakers, develop activities and ferment beverages, request donations, etc.

This was an email Chris P. Frey send to a club that was looking into hosting the NHC for 2011.