Eating Options Near the Sheraton

The Sheraton has three choices for food a coffee shop, Nine Mile Grill, and the Navigator's Lounge. The Hotel Sofitel next door has the Colette Bar and Bistro (sounds expensive).

TGI Fridays, Eddington's (soups and sandwiches), Dairy Queen, Cheetah Pizza, BK, and Subway are all within walking distance. If you walk the overpass (Edina Industrial BLVD) over HWY 100 you can get to Chili's Grill & Bar. I do not recommend walking over the I-494, you will get killed. Options grow exponentially if you have a car, cab, or you can get the shuttle to take you. I like Joe Sensor's Bar just south of I-494, and the Mall of American has a ton of options.

Food Map - Sheraton is point A