How to Avoid Overdoing It
Drink plenty of water. Water helps you flush the alcohol out of your system, and prevents dehydration (hangovers).

Eat Well before you drink. Alcohol can play games with vitamins, proper nutrition can help moderate hangovers. Food can slow absorption of alcohol. There are few good places to eat near the Sheraton that you can walk to, but a ton of places you can drive or cab to within just a couple miles.

Get rest when you can The parties and events continue quite late, not to mention all the parting after the Hospitality Suite shuts down. Sleep when you get the chance. There are breaks between morning & afternoon sessions and before the theme nights. Get a good meal and a nap so you can keep going.

Moderate your consumption On Pro Brewers night you won't find many light lagers, and Club Night seems like almost every club brings only the biggest/strongest beers they can make. Search out those quality made Milds, Classic American Pilsners, and Light Hybrids. Sample the Imperials, Barleywines, and Strong Belgians - just moderate yourself so you can last all night.

Hangovers There are three major causes of a hangover - dehydration, vitamin deficiency, and a buildup of toxins in the body. Alcoholic drinks, like caffeinated drinks, dehydrate you. Drink water before you go out, while you are out, and after you get back to your room. Vitamin deficiency - drink some juice. Toxins from the breakdown of alcohol by your liver, it might sound silly, but the carbon from the burnt toast may help your body filter some of those toxins.