Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

So you have questions about bringing beer/mead to the National Homebrew Conference in Minnesota. Do not worry! It happens, we created this FAQ to answer frequent questions! This FAQ is geared towards groups wanting to pour beer for Club Night or the Hospitality Suite.
What is club night all about?

Club Night at the AHA National Homebrew Conference is the biggest and craziest homebrew-only beer festival you could possibly imagine. Friday night we will set up the banquet room with areas for homebrew clubs that commit to participate. This will allow you to serve beer, mead, or any brewed beverage from kegs, bottles, whatever means from your booth. You can decorate the area if you choose in any theme you want as long as you don't attach anything to the wall in back of the booth. Club members can dress in any kind of theme or whatever they so choose. You may also serve some kind of food or snacks from your booth. We will also have some food from the hotel in the room for folks to grab while they wander and drink from all the club booths. The thing is that your club is there and helping us blow the socks off all those in attendance. Club night is all about enjoying the gathering of brewers new and old pros, and sampling beverages presented by the clubs.
What’s the deal with the hospitality suite?
See Hospitality Suite FAQ on the official AHA Conference site! The hospitality suite is typically a room for sponsors to show off their gear and/or new ingredients. A place to hang out when your not participating in an event or presentation. Homebrew clubs take turns pouring some of their hand crafted beer. A fine place to start your morning or finish the night.
Who do I need to check with if my club wants to bring beer/mead?
Chris Smith is the Club Night Committee Chairperson, Joe Brockman is the Hospitality Suite Committee Chairperson check with them first. You may also want to check with the Cellar Master so your beer is properly labeled (it's quite an undertaking in keeping track of all that beer).
Our beer/mead is not in kegs, can we still serve it?
How much beer should we bring for the Hospitality Suite or Club Night?
From previous conference experience we recommend a minimum of 6 corny kegs of beer or mead for either the Hospitality Suite or Club Night. Doing both you probably don't need 12 total. Club Night most people won't go through that much, but you will want the variety. You'll go through more beer in the Hospitality Suite. Therefore,  we recommend a minimum 8 to 10 kegs if doing both Hospitality Suite and Club Night.
I’m from a small club and only a couple of us can bring beer/mead, can we still participate?
Yes, we can pair up smaller clubs so they can share a booth for Club night. This is were you need to work with the Club Night Committee Chairperson.
What kind of beer/mead should I bring?
Homebrew, nothing commercial! Bring your very best beers, mead, cider, and saké: show off your skills. Bring variety in both flavor and strength, there’s usually a lack of smaller beers for casual consumption. It can be dangerous trying to drink strong beers exclusively for three days, so quality session beers are important.
What do I do with my beer/mead when we arrive?
Deliver it to the Cellar Master so it can be properly labeled, stored, and accounted for. The Cellar Master has a lot of work to do, so please be thoughtful!
What do I need to bring to Club Night?
Your beer/mead will be delivered by the cellar master's crew prior to the start of club night. You'll want to have your taps and dispensing apparatus ready (how you want to push your beer/mead), stands, Randles, etc ready. CO2 will not be provided for Club Night, each club is responsible for their own. There may be some CO2 tanks available for a charge, contact the Club Night Committee Chairperson.
What will be provided for my club for Club Night?
Tables & Chairs will be provided by the hotel, we will provide 20lbs of ice and the kegs will be cold already. You shouldn't need glasses, at registration each conference goer receives a commemorative glass to use for the conference. If you need locally provided CO2 (unable to bring or ship it to the site) it may be available (for a charge). Electricity can be provided by the hotel upon request (there may be fee), place your requests early. See the AHA Club Night page for more details.
How do I get my beer/mead to Minnesota?
Get together with your club/group and combine as much beer/mead for the conference as possible into a truck or van. Combine a few clubs together to make it more economical to transport. Have individuals and/or clubs pitch in for gas. Someone has to help drive. The Minnesota clubs have driven vehicles to each NHC since 2003 (Chicago). Having a van or truck is also nice for hauling home competition prizes, local beer, and equipment (Hey it is Northern Brewer's home turf).