Commemorative Beer & Mead

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Commemorative Beer & Mead

This year the organizing committee wanted to put the emphasis on 100% homebrewed beverages and variety. Some past organizers have enlisted the help of pro brewers and facilities to brew their recipes with excellent results. The Oakland beers were some of the best (if not the best) commemorative beers ever. But this is year is different. The commemorative beers and mead are all brewed at home by a number of the area's best brewers and mead makers.

It can be quite an undertaking and expense to try to brew up 1,000 bottles of beer and mead for the conference. For these reasons this monumental task was given to four clubs and a group of crazy individuals (AKA the Conference Chairmen) who will each brew and bottle 200 bottles of beer and 200 bottles of mead/cider.

Who's responsible for providing the beverages: 2010 Conference Chairs (The Chairman's Series); Saint Paul Home Brewers Club, Minnesota Homebrewers Association, Prairie Homebrewing Companions, and the Northern Ale Stars Homebrewers Guild

The Chairman's Series Mead

The Chairman's Series Mead
6 gallons of honey (Orange Blossom and Clover)
1.5 gallons Black Currant Juice
18 lbs triple berry mix (Raspberry/Blackberry/Blueberry)
20 lbs Strawberry

Mead started on March 21, 2010
1.170 OG
March 28, 2010 SG @ 1.090 and dropping

When the commemorative beers and meads are laid out for the attendees the hope is groups will end up with a diverse selection of beer and mead. Then when attendees find a lull in activity they can do a vertical tasting of more than 12 different beverages.

If you like your commemorative beer and/or mead tell one of the people from that club.