Cellar Manifesto

Cellar Manifesto

The cellar will not be open during the entire NHC but only at the following times. Anything that needs to go into the cellar may only be dropped off at these times. Kegs may not be left in the cellar for any reason. All kegs must be given directly to cellar staff. Any kegs, bottles, or other things left sitting on the dock to go into the cellar will become property of the cellar; no exceptions.

Open times for drop off

Wednesday, June 16th 12:00 - 16:00
Thursday, June 17th 08:00 - 17:00
Friday, June 18th 08:00 - 17:00 24:00 - 24:30
Saturday, June 19th 08:00 - 17:00

Cellar labeling

Kegs must be labeled with criteria we provide before coming to the cellar. We will shortly be sending out a label form that each keg is required to have before being checked into the cellars. This allows us to ensure your kegs get where they need to go at the right time.

Keg Labeling Instructions

Whether you are bringing kegs or bottles (in cases) they must be labeled with criteria we provide before coming to the cellar. It’s actually extremely easy. Attached you will find our ‘Cellar label’ Excel label generator. Here are your instructions. 

 1. Select your club from the drop down list 
 2. Select which event your keg is for. Is it specifically for Hospitality suite, club night or both? 
 3. Fill in your name, contact phone and beer name/type/style. 
 4. Print it 
 5. Repeat as needed. 

 The printed label is 2 inches by 5 inches. Once cut out, sandwich it between clear packing tape and attach it to you kegs handle or if using beer cases, attach to the long side of the box. The label should be facing out, hanging off the keg with the text facing up.

See pdf with color pictures and the instructions step by step!

Additionally, its a very good idea that each club uses a unique system to mark their kegs so they can be identified from a distance. These can range from colored tape around the kegs to ID tags hanging off them to any inventive means you conconct. Our only limitation we will insist upon is that there is nothing on the handles of the keg, this is for the keg-label only. Kegs will be delivered to the Hospitality Suites of each club's time slot and to the Club Night room. Having marked kegs will make your life much easier. Another important point, if you are going to be serving out of bottles and want them kept in the cellar you must label your cases. There will be no loose bottles allowed.

Keg returns

Once a keg leaves the cellar it becomes the entire responsibility of the owner and kegs may only be returned to the cellar for the two reasons to follow. It is the owners complete responsibility to return the keg to the cellar durning open hours. You will see that we provide a 30 minute time period after Club Night to return the kegs needed for Saturdays Hospitality sessions.

Keg return exemptions

  1. A keg that has been used for the Hospitality Suite and will be used for the upcoming Club Night.
  2. A keg that has been used at Club Night and will be used for the clubs upcoming Hospitality Suite.