Creekwood Brewing

Summer 2011 Brewing Season

Welcome Internet denizens; to my brewing world. I'm currently cranking up ideas to brew my way through summer, and create winter stock. I brew in the garage and ferment in the basement. I take the cold Minnesota winters off from brewing.

This summer I'm going to rebrew a few of the beers I had success with last summer, trying to improve them, and try a few new things. I'll use comments and score-sheets for guides. Fortunately as a member of the SPHBC I have access to a bunch of great brewing minds, which can help me sort quality score-sheets from those of Certified Douchbag Judges.

I designed this site as a way to save recipes, and entertain myself while archiving my brewing education. Homebrew doesn't have to suck, you have to brew the suck in yourself.

Join me as I become a better brewer. I plan to post recipes. I also like to come up with offensive beer names!

What's Brewing

  • Planning - Classic American Pilsner?
  • Planning - Maibock?
  • Fermenting - Belgian Pale Ale
  • Kegged - Historic Bitter
  • Bottled - Bruised in Bruges
Homebrew Competitions